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Discover a selection of Bloomart Gallery designs with our range of decorative pillows, bedding, seamless wallpaper and printed fabrics.

Sustainably made in Germany, UK and USA - shipped worldwide

Decorative pillows & cushions

Upgrade your sofa with decorative pillows and cushions featuring Bloom Art Gallery's illustrations and patterns. 

Wall murals & wallpaper

Add a bold and personal touch to your space with our collection of high end seamless wallpaper and murals.

Bedding & bath textiles 

Elegant bedding and bath textiles featuring Bloom Art Gallery's botanical and watercolor patterns. 

Printed fabrics

Let your creativity run wild and create your own design with our range of eclectic and botanical premium fabrics of various qualities.


Shop Bloomart Gallery's designs for interior fabrics, bedding, wallpaper, wall murals, stationery, bags and fashion 
on the international webshops of Bloom Art Gallery's partners - worldwide delivery and sustainably printed on demand


Homedecor, pillows, bedding, tableware and more

Located in Germany
Shipping worldwide


Wallmurals and wallpaper

Located in Sweden
Shipping worldwide


Homedecor, pillows, Art Prints, Smartphone Cases, Laptop Skins, T-Shirts, Greeting Cards, Tote Bags, stickers and more

Located in United States
Shipping worldwide

Your Favourite Stuff
Printed fabric, Wallpaper, Mural, Wallpaper circles, home decor

Located in the Netherlands
Shipping worldwide

Fabrics, wallpaper and giftpaper

Located in the Netherlands
Shipping worldwide